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Organizations of all types from a wide range of diverse industries use the respected ACSI methodology to obtain science-based insights across the complete arc of the customer experience.

Clients leverage the trustworthy ACSI for industrywide and cross-industry benchmarking, and apply its renowned predictive capabilities to gain actionable insights for improving the experience of their customers and strengthening their loyalty.

The ACSI offers a variety of products and services that meet clients’ needs for measuring customer satisfaction to improve the customer experience and to positively impact their organization’s bottom-line profitability.


ACSI BenchmarksSM gives clients valuable insights for all aspects of their organization’s customer experience, along with the ability to compare results with industry peers and competitors and to perform cross-industry benchmarking with companies they deem “best-in-class” in other industries.

Based on ACSI’s proprietary technology, clients gain access to in-depth perspectives that quantify customer satisfaction and its relationship with key drivers and outcomes—all standard across every industry in the Index.


ACSI AnalyticsSM is a powerful tool set that enables clients to leverage the predictive capabilities of the American Customer Satisfaction Index and obtain detailed, actionable insights for improving the customer experience.

ACSI Analytics gives clients an understanding of the broader picture of customer satisfaction based on benchmark comparisons with industry peers and competitors across standard model variables and industry-specific customer experience elements.


Global CSISM enables organizations throughout the world to partner with ACSI and use its powerful, scientific methodology to create customer satisfaction indexes for their own national economies, as well as benchmark with other indexes adopting the ACSI methodology.

Numerous research groups, quality associations, and universities outside U.S. borders have evaluated and explored the implementation of ACSI-based models. As this trend continues to strengthen, the creation of an international system of customer satisfaction measurement founded on a common methodology will be within reach, enabling comprehensive, cross-national satisfaction benchmarking vital to an increasingly global economy.


ACSI’s web-intercept technology allows you to collect valuable customer feedback across your website. Engage visitors at any point with branded surveys that capture timely and relevant information.

Data are analyzed by ACSI’s world-renowned methodology, providing valuable intelligence about your website, pinpointing how to increase positive outcomes, and identifying actionable improvement opportunities.


The American Customer Satisfaction Index is the only national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction that represents the U.S. economy. Organizations of all types from a wide range of diverse industries use the respected ACSI methodology to obtain science-based insights across the complete arc of the customer experience.

  • Property
    • Features and Benefits
  • Unique Benchmarking
    • The only uniform, national, cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction.
  • Pure, Independent Measure
    • Consistent measure over time of the largest companies by market share in each industry.
    • Provides a purely independent perspective of the total customer experience.
  • High Media Profile
    • More than 12 billion media impressions annually on ACSI results for individual companies, industries, and the macroeconomy.
    • Gives clients the confidence of a widely recognized and highly respected indicator of customer satisfaction.
  • Proven Econometric Model
    • Developed at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.
    • Provides clients access to a scientific tool backed by decades of empirical research.
  • Proprietary Methodology
    • Stable multivariable modeling system for measuring customer satisfaction.
    • Produces accurate, reliable customer experience data.
  • Cross-Industry Comparisons
    • Offers unique benchmarking capabilities with other industries and select best-in-class companies.
  • Consistent, Uniform Scale
    • Scale of 0 to 100 used since the Index was launched in 1994.
    • Makes possible extensive time-series analyses of customer experience data.
  • Predictive Capabilities
    • Cause-and-effect model measures the drivers and outcomes of customer satisfaction.
    • Helps organizations focus customer satisfaction improvements on the most critical aspects of the customer experience.
    • Provides clients with actionable insights to improve the customer experience and boost bottom-line performance.
  • Macroeconomic Performance
  • Company Financial Performance
  • Company Market Value and Performance
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