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November 30, 2016

PC Satisfaction: Apple and Samsung Vie for Top Slot

David Vanamburg

Apple personal computer and tablet owners have a long track record of loving their chosen product, checking in with a customer satisfaction rating of 84 for 2016 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale. While Apple’s ACSI leadership in the personal computer industry is well established, Samsung surges 6% to second place, just a point below Apple this year.

The tight race between Apple and Samsung mirrors the two companies’ battle in the cell phone industry. As reported by the ACSI previously, Apple and Samsung were deadlocked for customer satisfaction in 2015 and remain just a point apart in 2016 (81 and 80, respectively). The caveat for smartphone satisfaction, however, is that Samsung’s current score of 80 reflects customer evaluations from March, well before the release and disastrous battery failures and fires of its Galaxy Note7. The first Note7 recall in September was followed by a second recall that included all replacement phones, prompting Samsung to permanently halt production and sales of the Note7. In 2017, Samsung will likely take a major hit in customer satisfaction for its product meltdown, much like Toyota did when it recalled millions of cars starting in 2009 due to danger of sudden acceleration.

In terms of the personal computer market, smartphones pose a threat to PC sales as tablets have not been the longer-term solution for mobility that the industry may once have envisioned. Interestingly, Apple and Samsung have very different strategies regarding the future of tablets. Apple is targeting business customers on the go with laptop-like features for its iPad, while Samsung tablets occupy their own space as devices for entertainment and browsing, rather than laptop replacements. The number-three PC manufacturer for satisfaction in 2016 is Amazon, another maker of tablets. At 80, Amazon falls short of the PC scores turned in by Apple and Samsung, but it easily matches their most recent scores in the cell phone segment.

For the overall PC industry, customer satisfaction improves 1.3% to 78, driven by better scores for tablets and laptops. Customer satisfaction for desktop computers remains unchanged year-over-year at 81, ahead of both tablets (+4% to 78) and laptops (+3% to 77). While this could be a good sign for traditional PCs, there is also the possibility that a shrinking customer base is leaning toward the more loyal desktop users. Moreover, two of the three leaders this year—Samsung and Amazon—specialize in tablets and other mobile devices, not traditional PCs.


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