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April 6, 2014

Cyberspace Checkout Process Beats Standing in Line

Technology has changed the way many Americans shop, especially with the advent of mobile computing devices. Via smartphones and tablets, consumers can browse in cyberspace rather than at the mall. Looking at specific aspects of the customer experience across five retail categories, ACSI data show that traditional retailers receive their highest marks for convenience of store location and hours, indicating that many shoppers still appreciate the in-store experience, even as foot traffic continues to diminish.

When it comes time to checkout and pay, however, consumers overwhelmingly favor the online purchase experience, which receives a very high score of 90 (scale of 0-100 points). In contrast, checkout speed is often the least satisfying part of the in-store shopping experience. Across four traditional categories, customers rate speed of checkout in the 70s. While traditional retailers may never be able to match the speed of online checkout, there is clearly room for improvement.

In addition to measuring overall customer satisfaction, its drivers, and its outcomes, the ACSI helps retailers and businesses in a wide variety of markets perform competitive benchmarking across the total customer experience.

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