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November 4, 2011

New ACSI Partner in the Caribbean Releases First Results!

David Vanamburg

On October 20th, ACSI’s newest partner in the Caribbean released the inaugural results for its national index of customer satisfaction. Metriqual, headquartered in Santo Domingo on the island nation of the Dominican Republic, released the first set of results for INSAC (Indice Nacional de Satisfacción de Clientes República Dominicana, or National Index of Customer Satisfaction-Dominican Republic) in several media outlets and on its website. These results covered three industries vital to the economy of DR: Credit Cards, Mobile Telephone Service, and Health Insurance. With the release, the Dominican Republic joins a rapidly growing list of countries using the ACSI methodology to create national indices of customer satisfaction, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey. To learn more about INSAC’s first set of results, visit their website: Metriqual/INSAC. To learn more about all of ACSI’s global partnerships, visit our website: ACSI Global Leadership.

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