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Dive deeper into the television market with industry-specific metrics

Benchmark against leaders with data tailored to televisions.


Whether or not a television is “worth it” is determined by more than just its picture and sound quality. How does it interact with other devices? How about streaming services? Apps? And with all these fancy capabilities, is it still reliable? How does it hold up as a TV overall? ACSI offers robust, data-driven insights tailored to help manufacturers get a deeper understanding of what consumers are looking for and their pain points.

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Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

First Hidden Column Company 2022 % Change
0 Televisions NM 80 NA
1 Samsung 83 NA
1 LG 80 NA
1 TCL 80 NA
1 Hisense 79 NA
1 Sony 79 NA
1 Vizio 77 NA
1 All Others NM 79 NA

*Results based on data collected April-July 2022.


2022 Customer Experience Benchmarks

Benchmarks 2022
Screen size 85
Image quality 84
Ease of initial setup (plug and play) 83
Quality of mobile app 83
Connectivity (USB and HDMI ports, Bluetooth) 82
Durability 82
Ease of using menus 82
Exterior design (color, styling, finish) 82
Internal configuration options (contrast and resolution) 82
Website satisfaction 82
Ease of using remote 81
Energy efficiency 81
Outcome of the service repair 81
Reliability of mobile app (minimal down time, crashes, lags) 81
Sound quality 81
Ease of arranging service 80
Courtesy and helpfulness of service technician 78
Warranty coverage 78
Timeliness of the service repair 77

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.

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