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Online Investment

Gain strategic insight into your customer’s online investment experience

Improve financial outcomes and decision-making with ACSI’s satisfaction measurement technology.


As financial markets evolve, access to investment options is now only a click away. While the premise of low fees and high convenience appeals to consumers, it comes with its own set of risks. ACSI can help you identify the drivers of consumer satisfaction and evaluate various experiential metrics when it comes to online investment.

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Online Investment

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    7 major investment service websites, plus aggregate of smaller sites

Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

Online Investment
Company 2021 2022 % Change
Online Investment 78 78 0%
Fidelity 79 80 1%
Charles Schwab 76 78 3%
E*Trade (Morgan Stanley) 76 77 1%
Vanguard 80 77 -4%
All Others 77 76 -1%
Edward Jones 77 76 -1%
Robinhood 71 75 6%
Merrill Edge (Bank of America) 75 74 -1%

Online Investment Benchmarks

Customer Experience Benchmarks Year-Over-Year Industry Trends

Benchmarks 2021 2022
Quality of mobile app 82 83
Reliability of mobile app (minimal down time, crashes, lags) 82 83
Ease of making an investment transaction 79 80
Site performance (page loading speed, reliability) 80 80
Variety and selection of investment products 79 80
Clarity and usefulness of investment product descriptions 78 78
Ease of navigation 78 78
Helpfulness of customer support (live chat, help pages, call center) 76 78
Helpfulness of investment research information 77 77
Usefulness of investment planning tools 77 77

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.

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