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Credit Unions

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Gain a true understanding of your financial products, services, and competition using ACSI’s expertise in measuring perceptions and delivering key insights for the U.S. credit union industry.

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Credit Unions

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Satisfaction Benchmarks by Industry

Credit Unions
Industry 2020 2021 % Change
Credit Unions 77 76 -1.3

Credit Union Benchmarks

Customer Experience Benchmarks Year-Over-Year Industry Trends

Benchmarks 2020 2021
Courtesy and helpfulness of tellers or other staff 84 86
Speed of financial transaction (in branch) 83 85
Quality of mobile app 82 83
Reliability of mobile app (minimal down time, crashes, lags) 83 81
Call center satisfaction 79 80
Website satisfaction 82 80
Ease of adding or making changes to accounts 78 79
Variety of financial services available (checking, savings, debit/credit cards, loans) 79 78
Ease of understanding information about accounts 78 77
Competitiveness of interest rates 74 74
Number and location of branches 68 70
Number and location of ATMs 68 69

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.

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