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Search Engines and Information

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Search engines have been at the forefront of marketing and advertising of businesses for decades now. This industry has spent millions to create a product that delivers best results in the most efficient way. Uncover what drives the search engine industry and which platforms are at the top of the charts using ACSI’s customized solutions and benchmarking data.

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Search Engines and Information

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    7 major companies, plus aggregate of smaller search engines and information sites

Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

Search Engines and Information
Company 2021 2022 % Change
Search Engines and Information 76 75 -1.3%
All Others 77 79 3%
Google 79 75 -5%
MSN (Microsoft) 72 75 4%
Answers 71 73 3%
Yahoo! 73 72 -1%
Ask 72 71 -1%
AOL (Yahoo) 69 70 1%
Bing (Microsoft) 71 70 -1%

Search Engines and Information Benchmarks

Customer Experience Benchmarks Year-Over-Year Industry Trends

Benchmarks 2021 2022
Quality of mobile app 85 83
Ease of navigation 80 81
Reliability of mobile app (minimal down time, crashes, lags) 83 81
Site performance 80 80
Ease of using the site on different devices (smartphones and tablets) 79 79
Variety of services and information 79 79
Freshness of content 79 78
Speed and reliability of video clips 78 77
Amount of ads on site 74 72

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.

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