• Airlines Stall at Low Satisfaction Levels With United Trailing the Field

    Ongoing low customer satisfaction with airlines, along with declines peppering the hotel category, will do little to improve overall consumer demand.

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  • Guest Satisfaction for Budget and Midscale Hotel Brands Dwindles

    Guest satisfaction recedes across a multitude of popular hotel chains as consumers feel the sting of higher rates, with lower-cost brands serving dissatisfied customers.

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  • ACSI Hits 20-Year High, Adding Fuel to Consumer Demand

    ACSI Hits 20-Year High, Adding Fuel to Consumer Demand

    Customer satisfaction hits a 20-year apex to help fuel demand, but consumer spending growth expected to remain lukewarm unless the outlook brightens for household discretionary income and consumer confidence.

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  • ACSI Launches New Website Satisfaction Index

    ACSI Launches New Website Satisfaction Index

    New measure of user website experience across 33 different consumer industries shows financial services and shipping in the lead and social media lagging.

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  • Burgeoning Demand Proves Challenging for Internet Retail During Holiday Rush

    Burgeoning Demand Proves Challenging for Internet Retail During Holiday Rush

    With mobile devices bringing more shoppers to Web retailers, customer satisfaction takes a tumble for smaller sites, but Amazon strengthens its ACSI lead.

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  • The Only National Cross-Industry Benchmark of Customer Satisfaction

    The Only National Cross-Industry Measure of Customer Satisfaction

    The American Customer Satisfaction Index provides unique customer experience benchmarking capabilities that come from the Index’s one-of-a-kind, cross-industry structure.

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AIRLINES  69 ◄► 0.0%  latest results »HOTELS  75 ▼ -2.6%  latest results »INTERNET TRAVEL 77 ▲ +1.3%  latest results »DEPARTMENT & DISCOUNT STORES  77 ◄► 0.0%  latest results »GASOLINE SERVICE STATIONS   75 ▲ +2.7%  latest results »HEALTH & PERSONAL CARE STORES   79 ▲ +2.6%  latest results »SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES   80 ▲ +2.6%  latest results »SUPERMARKETS   78 ▲ +1.3%  latest results »INTERNET BROKERAGE   80 ▲ +2.6%  latest results »INTERNET RETAIL  78 ▼ -4.9%  latest results »FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  66.1 ▼ -3.4%    latest results »LOCAL GOVERNMENT  70.4 ▲ +1.9%  latest results »

2014 ACSI Travel Report

Airlines remain plagued by low satisfaction, while vast majority of hotels prove less pleasing to guests.

ACSI Website Satisfaction Index 2013

National Customer Satisfaction

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ACSI National Customer Satisfaction Index Q4 results

On the Horizon

ACSI’s 2014 report on residential customer satisfaction for energy utilities, plus news on the consumer shipping industry and patient satisfaction with health care.

On the Horizon

ACSI Client Portal

ACSI Client Portal

ACSI's Client Portal is the gateway to detailed,
confidential results specific to your organization and
to peers and competitors across your industry.

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The ACSI Difference

The American Customer Satisfaction Index is the only national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction that represents the U.S. economy. Organizations of all types from a wide range of diverse industries use the respected ACSI methodology to obtain science-based insights across the complete arc of the customer experience.

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ACSI Benchmark

The ACSI BenchmarkSM gives clients valuable insights for all aspects of their organization’s customer experience, along with the ability to compare results with industry peers and competitors and to perform cross-industry benchmarking with companies they deem “best-in-class” in other industries.

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ACSI Diagnostic

The ACSI DiagnosticSM is a powerful tool set that enables clients to leverage the respected, predictive capabilities of the American Customer Satisfaction Index and obtain detailed, actionable insights for improving their customer experience.

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ACSI Benchmark for Energy Utilities

The ACSI Benchmark for Energy Utilities provides energy utility clients with a reliable set of metrics and benchmarking capabilities in relation to the largest investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities in the United States.

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ACSI Around the Globe

Blog Highlights

Blog Highlights: ACSI Matters

NCSI-UK Brings ACSI Science to the United Kingdom

NCSI-UKThe NCSI-UK is the ACSI’s companion index for the British national economy. Built using ACSI’s proven methodology, NCSI-UK covers top companies in key industries serving U.K. households. Together, the ACSI and NCSI-UK offer major corporations detailed customer experience benchmarking that spans both U.S. and U.K. consumer markets.

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