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ACSI releases industry results throughout the year and updates the national index quarterly. Baseline measurements are from the summer of 1994.

**The limited-service restaurant industry was not measured in 2004 due to a change in the quarterly measurement system that was in place at that time.
***Measurement for the Internet travel industry was moved from the fourth quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014.

The "All Others" score for an industry represents the remainder of the total industry market share, less the market shares of the ACSI-measured companies. It is an aggregate of a representative number of customer interviews from each of potentially hundreds of smaller companies within the industry. Individual company scores within the "All Others" category cannot be derived without additional data collection (see "ACSI Products and Services," or to generate your own ACSI score using the ACSI methodology, see "ACSI MonitorSM").